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What Is Blockchain Technology? How Does It Work?

Popularized by its association with cryptocurrency and NFTs, blockchain technology has since evolved to become a management solution for all types of global industries. Today, you can find blockchain technology providing transparency for the food supply chain, securing healthcare data, innovating gaming and overall changing how we handle data and ownership on a large scale. […]

10 Person-Centered Therapy Techniques & Interventions +PDF

Interventions included under this category are those identified by the author as imaginative play training, challenge/initiative games and the sports-based intervention ‘Do the Good’. We identified therapies according to 10 different therapeutic approaches, as summarised below. Utilizing intuitive and active listening is necessary to serve patients in a transformative way. The process must be […]

Image Recognition Software: SpringPic IR Software

The logistics sector might not be what your mind immediately goes to when computer vision is brought up. But even this once rigid and traditional industry is not immune to digital transformation. Artificial intelligence image recognition is now implemented to automate warehouse operations, secure the premises, assist long-haul truck drivers, and even visually inspect transportation […]